Patch notes v.2.7.0

[General Fixes]
- fixed description chest from red queen
- fixed set stats lavalon rings
- fixed female dexter's set (future content)
- fixed 8th line stat destroyer tier 3 lavalon set
- fixed skill bow mastery, dmg should increase correctly now

- increased durability of collecting support tool to 10000
- increased drop devil soul stones from 30 to 40 %
- removed red queen jewels exchangeable by bronze coins and added red queen tokens instead (available through unlimited quest)
- large gold pouch now gives 100g instead of 50-100g
- bronze, silver and gold coins are sellable in the market now

- added lv. 90 hp/mp pots to potion npc

- added repeat quest for killing red queen to red queen guard (next to portal red queen)

- added cash pouch back to vending machine for bronze coins

Post Forum Create Date 15/08/22