Patch notes v.2.7.3

[General Changes]
- soul of lavalon set tier 1-3 is tradeable now
- decreased materials for paris tier 1-4 set by 30 %
- removed bone and paris jewels quest

[Black Dragon Lord Elga]
- increased box drop of elitebosses to 3, 4 and 5 boxes for the 3rd boss
- removed elixirs and pearls from enddrop and replaced them with useful misc items like silver key, fire stones etc.

[Bone Dragon]
- replaced all stuff from enddrop hero bone with chests (x4)

added daily quest to npc gwen:
- clear lavalon boss from fire element dungeon 10 times to receive a reward and select between 10 legendary fire, ice, nature or dark blesses

added devil soul stone farm:
- orc field => autolevel
- added general devil soul stone drop with 20 %

added w-coins system:
- added daily quests to npc gatto for clearing bosses: bone dragon 0/1, paris (drakos) 0/1, paris (specter's tower) 0/1, elga 0/1 and lavalon 0/1
- all quests are for min. lv. 90 to fix abuse, you can get up to 10 w-coins every day by doing all quests
- w-coins are also available for lava coins (a. e. 100 w-coins = 120 lava coins)
- added all cards (5-8*) to the bigwheel
- cards are upgradeable from 5* to 6, 7 and 8* at npc gatto in lavalon city

gold coins:
- expanded gold coins daily quest by adding a lavalon quest

[Future Content (in progress)]
- reworked kundara and redfox delta dungeon and added portals to the new city named caelum
- added new enddungeon named spirit's dungeon
- fixed some visual bugs of the bloody elga set

[Skill Changes]
- Rolling Stinger Lv. 5 => increased phy attack
- Final Decision Lv. 5-10 => increased phy attack
- Upper Screwdriver Lv. 5 => increased phy attack
- Claw Mastery Lv. 5-10 => increased final dmg amp
- Exit Lv. 1 => increased duration and cooldown

- Windmill Lv. 5 => increased phy attack
- Head Spin => increased phy attack
- Chain Hurricane Kick Lv. 5 => increased phy attack
- Stance Lv. 5 => increased skill points, phy attack, phy defense and final dmg amp
- Cossack Dance Lv. 5-10 => increased phy attack

- Hell Shouting Lv. 5 => increased skill points, mana costs, phy attack and decraesed cooldown

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