Patch Notes v.2.9.8

[General Changes]
- increased the level different monster kill / drop from 15 to 30

- fixed market search for dark crystal etc.

[Autumn Festival]
- added portal to enter city of autumn to lavalon city (next to caelum city)

- added new faces (naruto etc.)

- added new custom set (half stats of current tier 4)

- added limited cash weapon with a special leaf effect (new weapon after soul of lavalon)

- added new achievement (better than lavalon expert)

- added new fashion balloons
- festival dungeon with lootbox at the end (you can get up to 4 lootboxes - they also can give a w-coin with 1 % chance or gold pouches)

[Skill Balancing]
- skill changes for the classes sorcerer, dragoon, sentinel and savage
- general ultimate upgrades for all classes
Further details can be found in the pdf file in discord.

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