Patch notes v.2.4.9

[Lavalon City]
- added new npc to reroll zauharant, black dragon lord and lavalon weapons
(You get a token for your weapon + 5 insurance scrolls. The token isn't tradeable. This token you can use to exchange a new weapon with other special stats)

[Element Dungeon]
- reduced blesses for trading from 20 to 10

[Black Dragon Lord Elga]
- first two mini bosses buffed HP by x3
- third mini boss buffed HP by 30-40 %
- elga increased HP by 20-25 %
- increased materials for exchange weapon

- increased materials for exchange weapon and set

[Metro City]
- 1 advanced gang badge => 2 junior gang badge

[Chaos Maps]
- increased devil soul stone drop from 15 to 20 % and increased drop count from 1 to 2

- increased the riding speed of the new mounts by x2
- fixed the other mounts like chicken, frozen weasel etc.

- set guild exp from every quest to 30
- fixed passive guild skill morale up 

[Future Content]
- added new city, placed npcs and added some monsters there

- all lavalon city farm items are now stackable to 9999 instead of 250/300

- fixed character card critical damage bonus

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